Kindergarten admission is offered for children from the age group of 2 years 5 months for Nursery and 3 years 5 months for LKG as on June 1st of the year.

Admission to primary school i.e. 1st standard is offered for children above 5 years 5 months. Registrations are open from November.

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Eligibility for Admission

  • The prospectus with application form will be available at the school office by paying the prescribed fee.
  • Care must be taken to fill in all the columns in the application. Incomplete applications are liable for rejection.
  • At the time of admission parents/guardian are required to submit the following documents.
    1. Original birth certificate
    2. Aadhaar card number of the child
    3. Progress report from the previous school
    4. Original school leaving transfer certificate, Dise code of the previous school (if applicable)
    5. The minimum age is as prescribed by the department of education
    6. The tuition fees will be collected for all the 12 months


If a parent wants to withdraw his child in the middle of the academic year, he has to pay the fee for the full academic year. The application for transfer certificate must be received before April 10th.