Co-curricular activities

SEHS believes that every child should be given equal opportunity to excel in non-academics. A multitude of co-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year. It enables the students to pursue interests of their choice. They imbibe valuable lessons in social development and responsibilities. We offer diverse activities like Elocution, Debates, Recitation, Quiz, Crafts and encourage student development.

Cultural Activities

The school offers all students with more than one avenue to develop, discover and nurture their talents. We encourage students to actively participate in various cultural activities like dance, music and drama and also participate in cultural competitions at Inter-school, State & National levels.

Extra Curricular Activities

Diversity is the spice in learning life of a child. Every child is meritorious, be it academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. Every student is encouraged to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and to enjoy their participation in such events.


The school has various clubs like Math Club, Science Club, Social Club, Art Club and Languages Club which instills and fosters self-confidence, creativity, team work abilities, self-discipline, logical thinking and presentation.